December 2018


December is:

Soup and stew season! Even though this winter has been fairly mild so far, nothing welcomes in the longer, cooler nights more for me than a good hardy or wonderfully brothy soup.

Soups don’t have to be complicated to make or take all day simmering on the stove. Soups make a quick easy and healthy mid week meal too!

Of course I prefer homemade stocks and broths as much as the next gal. And during the winter time we often have our slow cooker going. Using all our veggie scraps or the chicken we roasted the night before to make stock to freeze. But we also always keep some store bought broth on hand just in case!

And here is why:

Clean Out Your Fridge Mid Week Veggie Soup!

•4-5 cups of homemade or store bought broth (any kind will do)
•Collect all of the veggies in your fridge that aren’t quite fresh enough to eat raw, but not moldy or gross yet. The withered carrots, limp celery, broccoli that has seen a better day, beets? (absolutely!), potatoes of course, even peppers, green beans, cabbage and brussel sprouts too!
•Cut all your veggies up into bite size pieces
•Throw in some onion, fresh garlic, ginger and or fresh herbs if you’ve got em!
•PRO TIP-Save your delicate greens like spinach for the end.
•Simmer soup until the veggies are tender
•Season to taste!
•Viola! Dinner is served! Pour over left over rice or noodles for a hardy, quick and easy mid week meal the whole family will love!