Exciting New Project!


We are so excited to announce the launch of a brand new project…a podcast! This project has been a long time coming…we were hesitant to jump on to the podcast bandwagon but after a meeting with our business coach, and A LOT of encouragement and prodding from a few dear friends we are jumping on board!

And you know what?

It is going to be great!

What is a WILDHEART? It is a heart that is courageous and soft, strong and vulnerable, passionate and grounded. WILDHEARTS are full of beauty, adventure, wit, and love. They come in many different shapes and sizes, they walk among us, live with us and beat for us. WILDHEARTS guide us, they teach us, they fuel us, they challenge us…but we know we could not live without them because they make life dynamic and beautiful! What makes your heart wild?

WildHearts—Conversations on Yoga, Community, Travel and Life will launch on Wednesday April 4! You can join us each and every week for a brand new episode as we build community one conversation at a time.

Until then,

Stay healthy, happy and glowing,

(and keep your heart wild)